Mediation is a procedure in which parties involved attempt to find an adequate solution to a conflict that meets each participant's needs.


Mediation is especially useful in the following conflict areas:


  • Family and relationship issues

  • Divorce and separation agreements

  • Problems with or regarding children

  • Conflicts at work

  • Conflicts with neighbours

  • Conflicts in schools

  • Conflicts in teams, clubs etc.

  • others



I provide help and assistance with various legal matters. 

I can advise you on legal matters such as:

  • Civil law (contracts, labour, etc.)

  • Road traffic laws and regulations

  • Family law

  • Divorce

I also provide 

  • Budget advice

  • Teaching and tutoring for companies regarding legal issues or conflict resolution


How much time does a mediation require?

Usually, it takes  anywhere from 3 to 10 meetings, depending on the complexity of the topics presented. With some cases, it is useful to meet in short intervals so that the process stays on track, whereas with other cases longer intercals between sessions make more sense in order to allow time for reflection before meeting again.


What are the costs who pays for it?

My hourly rate is CHF 250.--.

Usually, the costs are split between the involved parties for a mediation.


How long is a meeting?

Usually between 1.5 and 2 hours per session.


Can I bring my lawyer or a friend to a meeting?

It is customary that no lawyers or other participants attend the meetings. However in some cases it can be helpful or even advised.


Is there a possibility that I will sign or agree to something that I will regret later?

It is of utmost importance to me, that no party commits to something considered unfair or to something that is not entirely clear and understandable. Sometimes I advise reviewing to revise a solution with a lawyer before the actual signing.



I am afraid to sit down at a table with the other side since I cannot defend myself. Is mediation the right thing for me?

It is my job to make sure that all parties feel safe and equal. My expertise allows me to create a balanced atmosphere for constructive negotiations.

Is the mediator always neutral?

In general, the mediator should be neutral at all times. Of course it is not always possible because specific questions will require me to support one side or the other. But it is important to know, that my clients can always rely on me to treat each party equally and fairly. Should this not be possible I will resign from the case.

I do not want to have my children involved in any legal matters or conflicts. Can a mediation help to avoid this?

If parents manage to find suitable solutions in a mediation, then no court or KESB (Kindes- und Erwachsenenschutz-Behörde) will get involved. However, in certain circumstances, it could make sense to include the children in a mediation process, but only if the parents agree and the ages of the children are suitable.


Please feel free to call me, should you have any further questions.


Here you can find some frequently asked questions and answers on mediation and legal advice.

Should your question not be answered, then please contact me directly.


Claudia Scheiner
Mediator, lic.iur.
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After law school at the University of St. Gallen, I worked in various law firms and at the district court in Meilen. Since then, I have been a legal advisor for many years. For the past six years, I have also been working as a Justice of the Peace.


I find great satisfaction in using my skills to help clients solve their legal and personal conflicts in a suitable way.  


Often it is useful to solve matters without formal court-orders or contracts. For this reason, mediation is a useful and helpful procedure that allows all aspects to be outspoken and implemented into the negotioations. Through my years of expertise, I have helped many clients in solving difficult conflicts.


I am divorced and a mother of a 15-year-old son.





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